Stock photos of the first three plushies.

Chara-Mofu Plushies are a series of plushies released by Aoshima. Three were released together in May of 2010, while a fourth came out the following July.

Their retail values are quite high, at 2800円 ($37.33) each for the original three, and 3800円 ($50.67) for the fourth.

Second-hand, they range from 500円 ($6.67) to 1000円 ($13.33) depending on the character.

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Each plush is made of polyester, with face details stitched on. Additionally, they're free of any UFO-catcher style strings to be hung up by. Those features, as well as the individual poses, make this one of the highest quality plush sets the series has. The single downside would be that their packaging is a simple, clear plastic bag.


Stock photos of Virtual Idol Japan.

The original three plush released are of the Axis Powers. Each one measures about 18 cm. No.01, Italy, is wearing his sailor uniform and lying down. He doesn't appear to come with the crab shown in the advertisement. No.02, Germany, is wearing his open military uniform and sitting down. No.03, Japan, is also in his military uniform. He's holding a cup of green tea, and sitting seiza style on a cushion. Unlike Italy's crab, this prop does come with the plush.

No.04, Virtual Idol Japan, was released separately. This plush is standing, and measures 25 cm tall. His design is based on the Virtual Idol Japan advertisement that took place in Prussia's April Fools blog.

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