There have been two lines of themed Drinks for the Hetalia series so far.

Canned JuiceEdit


Stock images of the art used for all six cans.

A line of Canned Juice (缶ジュース, can juice) was released by Mars Sixteen in October 2009.

There were 6 flavours, available on Animate for 150円 ($2) each.

Due to being disposable, the cans themselves have become incredibly rare. They aren't resold often enough to show an average second-hand price.

Each can has a picture of a character on front, with their flag as the background. There was a different flavour for each character, as follows:

  • Italy : Grape
  • Germany : Coffee
  • Japan : Green Tea
  • England : Tea
  • America : Orange
  • France : Pear

Bottled TeaEdit


Stock photos of both bottles

Two more drinks were released on November 10th, 2009.

They were sold on Animate for 200円 ($2.67) each.

As of yet, they don't seem to show up second-hand, so no average price can be obtained.

Each bottle has a chibi picture of their character, as well as a different titled flavour, reflecting the character used.

  • Japan's flavour is "Excuse me, it is Green Tea" (「恐れ入ります、緑茶です。」Osoreirimasu, ryokucha desu )
  • England's flavour is "English Gentleman's Tea - Straight Tea" (「英国紳士紅茶 ストレートティー」Eikoku shinshi koucha straight tea )

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