Stock image of the Gakuen Plushies.

The Gakuen Plushies are a series of plush dolls released and sold exclusively by Gift. They were released Setember 23, 2011.

Their retail value is 3000円 ($40.00) each, however was discounted to 2500円 ($33.34) during the Animate Girls Festival 2011.

Second hand prices aren't yet available.

Item DetailsEdit

Each plush measures about 20 cm tall, and has stitched facial detailing as opposed to iron-on. They all feature their W Academy uniforms.


Stock image of the three postcards.

The plushies also each come with a postcard of their respective character. Each one shows them in their formal wear, with their flag as the lower part of the background.

The characters that currently make up this set are North Italy, Germany, and Japan.

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