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Cover of vol.1, Italy and Romano.

As a collaboration with Honey Bee, 9 Goodnight with Sheep (full title: ヘタリア×羊でおやすみシリーズ, Hetalia x Hitsuji de Oyasumi Series) CDs have been released. Each CD has a retail value of 2100円 ($28) on most sites, however they were 2000円 ($26.67) if bought directly from Honey Bee's website.

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These are the characters for which the 9 CDs which have been produced:

  • Italy and Romano (Vol. 1)
  • Germany and Prussia (Vol. 2)
  • Hungary, Austria, Holy Roman Empire, and Chibitalia (Vol. 3)
  • Japan and China (Vol. 4)
  • Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus (Vol. 5)
  • France and Spain (Vol. 6)
  • Switzerland and Liechtenstein (Vol. 7)
  • America and England (Vol. 8)
  • Sealand and Canada (Vol. 9)

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