England's fairy, the newest PVC keychain planned.

Multiple types of Keychains have been made by Great Eastern, mostly featuring the Axis and Allies. No release dates have been listed.

Retail value is impossible to pinpoint, and varies depending on the item.

No second-hand values exist yet.

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Metal KeychainsEdit

The more expensive of the two. These consist of a keyring with three charms, each metal-backed with an image on the front.

They can be further broken down into two types:

Three character keychains have a character on each of the charms. The art used is the same as on the Funimation DVDs. Currently, there are two of these. The first features Italy, Germany and Japan, while the second has England, America and France.

Two character keychains, however, use Sound World art with the character names written at the bottom. The third charm features Funimation's Hetalia logo in place of a character. The three pairs currently released are America and Canada, France and England, and China and Russia.

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