Marukaite 1 Event Sets

Stock pictures showing sets from the first event.

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First Marukaite EventEdit

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The first event put most focus on the sets themselves. Seven were released in total, each featuring a single character. The characters included were North Italy with an orange bag, Germany with a green bag, Japan with a white bag, America with a yellow bag, England with a blue bag, France with a pink bag, and Prussia with a purple bag. As the bags all share the same design, and list all seven names, the colours are the only way of telling the sets apart without looking inside.

Including the bags, each set contains four items. The items found in each bag are a wristband featuring the flag of the character, a bromide card featuring anime art of the, and a towel, made from the same art but reduced to two colours apart from white.

Additionally, a set of glowsticks appear to be related to this event. Each, like the bagged sets, features a single character from the same selection.

Retail values for both event sets and glowsticks are currently unknown. Second-hand, the sets can range from 2500円 ($33.33) to 5000円 ($66.67), while the glowsticks seem to stay around 1000円 ($13.33).

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