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Prototype images from the second set.

Movic Plushies are the most well-known plushie set in the Hetalia series. Currently, three sets have been released.

Each plushie retails at 1260円 ($16.80)

Second-hand, sealed plushies can range from 1200円 ($16) to 4000円 ($53.33) each depending on the character. Once the boxes have been opened, the plush range from 100円 ($1.33) to 700円 ($9.33), instead. Earlier sets, as they're rarer, tend to be the most expensive.

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The first set of Movic plushies is one of the only two sets in the Hetalia series to have bootlegs. The most noteable difference, apart from obvious quality differences, is that the bootlegged plushies lack a display box. Most also come with hang tags added.

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