Stock image of both Omochi Cushions.

Omochi Bead Cushions (おもちビーズクッション) are a pair of cushions made by Kotobukiya as part of their ES Series. Preorders opened on February 2, 2012, with the release date planned to be in March.

They are sold together at a retail of 2520円 ($33.60), giving them a value of 1260円 ($16.80) each. The cushions were an extremely limited release.

No second hand value can be known until they've been released.

Item DetailsEdit

Each cushion is made of nylon and polyurethane, filled with foam beads and measuring 30 cm in diameter.

Details appear to be printed on, and the back of each mochi, rather than being left blank, features a short catchphrase. The two characters in this set are Mochimerica, with the line "It's ok!!", and Italiamochi, with "Pasta" followed by a small heart next to the text.


Viewed from various angles.

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