The box, individual blind packages, and a charm from the Little Charm Collection.

Little Charm Collection (リトルチャームコレクション) is a set of 12 charms, one of many items released June 5th 2010 for the movie Paint it, White!

The charms are sold as full complete, retailing at 6,300円 ($84) and giving the individual charms a value of 525円 ($7) each.

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Most commonly called Paint it, White! charms instead, most of them are tiny portraits made from the Sound World set of chibi art commonly used by the Paint it, White! movie and given a gold border with their name written in English below them.

Four charms, however, don't fit this description. The secret charm, Prussia, has a silver border. Pochi, Kumajiro, and the panda have no borders at all, their charms shaped to their image instead.

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