New rules list still in progress.

Until announced otherwise, please follow the short rules list on the main page instead.


Before creating a new page, be absolutely sure that the item in question is officially licensed. Fan made items and bootlegs are not what this wiki was made for.


If an official item has been bootlegged, descriptions, warning guides, or comparison pictures are acceptable (and in most cases, needed) on the official item's page.

If an item is definitely not fan made, but still doesn't look official, feel free to add it to the Unknown Items page under Unlicensed.

Page FormatEdit

When possible, try to follow the Template as closely as the item's known information allows.

While use and placement of text, images, tables and the like are up to the editors, it will be considered vandalism if a page is made to appear intentionally unreadable.


Do not post intentionally misleading information. Our goal is to keep all information in this wiki as accurate as possible, and there is no excuse for vandalising the site.

Additionally, be sure to use proper spelling and grammar. This is an information source, not a chatroom. Emoticons and chat speak should never be present outside of comments and personal pages.

While small mistakes in both cases are acceptable and even expected, please do try to fix them if found.


All images must be official stock or your own work. Nobody is to submit photographs they don't have the rights to.

Galleries created under the "User Photos" heading must only contain photographs.

Galleries created under the "Item Details" heading must only contain official stock art. Photographs, even if taken by official sources (a manufacturer or store's blog, Himaruya himself), are not acceptable.