Official stock image of the first set of Mascot Keychains.

Mascot Keychains (マスコットキーチェーン) are a series of keychains by Takara Tomy Arts. As of now, three sets have been released.

Each set features 6 characters, and was sold gachapon-style for 200円 ($2.67) per figure. The only way to collect a full set was to keep playing the gachapon machine until one of each fell through.

Second-hand, however, they're easier to obtain. Depending on the set, they can range from 1000円 ($13.33) to 3000円 ($40) complete, or 50円 ($0.67) to 700円 ($9.33) separately.

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Prototypes for Set 3.


Stock image of Set 2.

Each keychain is a fully detailed figure attached to a small chain along with their flag. Their poses are based on the Axis/Allies set of trading cards, with some variations. Some figures are missing items that were held in the original art. Others, such as chibi Japan and England in set 3 were never made into cards to begin with.

Set 1 included N. Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England and Austria. Set 2 was released June 2010, and included France, Russia, China, Chibitalia, HRE and Liechtenstein. Set 3 was released January 2011, and included Switzerland, Prussia, Belarus, chibi!Japan, chibi!England, and Romano.

Set 3 was partially featured in Himaruya's blog after a fan sent the set to him as a gift.


Recently, part of set 2 has been bootlegged. While not sold as Tomys, or even keychains, there's a line of "phone straps" featuring poorly painted figures of Russia, China, France and Liechtenstein attatched to a fabric strap, with a soft rubber ring in place of a flag. The packaging is green, with the Japanese Hetalia logo in the top left. The straps, however, have a modified American logo (yellow instead of orange) on them instead. The straps and rings are also a different colour for each character: Russia's is blue, China's is green, France's is yellow, and Liechtenstein's is pink.

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