Acrylic Keychains

Stock art for the full set.

A set of 10 Acrylic Keychains (Full title ヘタリア トレーディングアクリルキーホルダー, Hetalia Trading Acrylic Keyholder) is planned to be released in March 2012, by Gift.

They're sold in full complete boxes for 4490円 ($59.87), giving them a retail value of 449円 ($5.99) each.

No second-hand value will be known for them until the set has been released.

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Prototypes of the Axis and Allies.

Each keychain measures between 55 and 60 mm tall. They feature anime art, printed onto a solid white background. The art set used appears to be new, with each character holding some type of food they're known for.

The included characters are Italy (with pasta), Germany (with wurst and beer), Japan (with onigiri), England (with tea), America (with cake), France (with cake), Russia (with pirozhki?) and China (with baozi?), as well as Prussia and Austria as secrets.

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