Prototype image of the Voice Mascots.

Voice Mascots (Full Title: 音声入りマスコット~すぴこっと~, Voice Mascot ~Speakcot~) are a set of figures released by Movic on December 9 2010. They are sold as a full complete box of 8 with no secret characters.

The box retails at 5880円 ($78.40), making the individual figures 735円 ($9.80) each.

Second-hand, the figures tend to average at 700円 ($9.33) each.

Item DetailsEdit

Each figure is around 50mm in height and made of PVC. Their poses are based on the Sound World chibi art. Each figure comes with a backdrop and a white stand which has an on/off switch, a play button, and their voice clips. The stands all have different slots on top that fit the bottom of only their intended character's figure. This way, the figures are always matched to their own voice clips.

Voice ClipsEdit

The voice clips included for each figure are two short signature lines as follows:


  • Japanese:「」| Romanized: "" | English: ""
  • Japanese:「HAHAHA!ハンバーガーはないのかい?」| Romanized: "Hahaha! Hamburger wa nai no kai?" | English: "Hahaha You don't like my hamburger?"


  • Japanese:「ラーンドって言うな。ラーントだ。」| Romanized: "Learned tte iu na. Learnt da." | English: ""
  • Japanese: 「バーカバーカ。アメリカのばかぁ!!」| Romanized: "Baaka baaka. America no Bakaa!!" | English: ""


  • Japanese:「パスタ~~!」| Romanized/English: "Pasta~~!"
  • Japanese:「」| Romanized: "Nandemo surukara butanaide~~!!" | English: ""


  • Japanese:「イタリアーーー!!」| Romanized/English: "Italy---!!"
  • Japanese:「」| Romanized: "" | English: ""


  • Japanese:「」| Romanized: "" | English: ""
  • Japanese:「」| Romanized: "" | English: ""


  • Japanese:「」| Romanized: "Yonda?" | English: "You called?"
  • Japanese:「コルコルコルコルコル...」| Romanized/English: "Kolkolkolkolkol..."


  • Japanese:「アイヤ~~!」| Romanized/English: "Aiya~~!"
  • Japanese:「」| Romanized: "" | English: ""


  • Japanese:「」| Romanized: "" | English: ""
  • Japanese:「」| Romanized: "" | English: ""

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